11 de agosto de 2012

A lesson well learned(*)

(*) Alguns poderão estranhar mas este post é uma repetição do anterior, só que em inglês. O motivo disto é facilitar a compreensão do conteúdo para o colega Martin Liebermann, pois graças à sua intervenção foi possível aprender a utilizar melhor o conteúdo protegido por direitos autorais.

As most of you know, I've been keeping the site for nearly 16 years. The blog must be about three or four years. During this time, I've written the posts and often have my words illustrated with some photos and illustrations. Some photos I make them myself, others - mainly electronic devices - I got them onto the manufacturers’ site. About the illustrations, some I create in Corel Draw and others I was looking at Google.

I must confess I never thought about copyright’s issues. Of course I know about copyright and I know that a text, a song, an image always have an author. But in a universe as vast as the Internet, I believed I would be very difficult to locate the author of an illustration or a photo. Further obtained by the search engine Google.

This began to change my mind when I was recently contacted by a German photographer on the misuse of an copyrighted image.

It all started when I published my post "Crossroads." The publication occurred on 25.1.2012 and the text was very well received by my friends. The text was about the difficulty of my life choices along time. And every choice I put myself metaphorically at a crossroads. As usual, I used some images by searching the term “Crossroads”. And in the beggining of the post I publish this beautiful picture:


On February 11 I received in my email, a message from a photographer named Martin Liebermann. I reproduce below a small excerpt from his email:

Hello Ricardo Marques,
I just found my copyrighted image “Crossroads” on your blog page [link].
You used it without my permission, without giving me author credits and without copyright information. (…) I'm sure you have done so without any intention to harm me - but through negligence you have infringed my rights as an author.(…)

A free translation of the message is more or less like this:

Olá Ricardo Marques,
Encontrei uma imagem minha em seu blog [link]. Você a utilizou sem minha permissão e sem informar os créditos e informações de copyright. (…)  Eu tenho certeza que você fez isso sem nenhuma intenção de me prejudicar, mas por conta desta negligência você infringiu meus direitos como autor.(…)

The email contained some information about your beautiful work and how I could use your images without violating their copyright.

Actually I came to read this email long after, because I do not usually use Gmail. So, to make things worst I just reply the message only on 25 July.

In my answer, of course I apologized. I also change the post and included the proper credits. Although I corrected the problem, it was a fact: I had not acted correctly and had breached its copyright.

Dissatisfied with my behavior, I tried to find out more about how to use images and other content without violating anyone's copyright. I tried researching on the original publications and found many texts on the subject.

That's when I decided to take the attitude that I think is the most correct: I tried to organize things here and myself determined to utilize material that only properly authorized and texts of my own. I started to use a license by  Creative Commons. In addition, all posts that contain some kind of image, must have the copyright information. This can already be seen in the post "The commercial journalism." Notice that the image when clicked leads to the website of the author of the picture. Also insert the watermark with the information of the copyright holder of the image.

With the reorganization of the site, the blog page has become the principal. And at the beginning (top right) I report on the license on the use of images and a link to an article that talks about copyright on the website of designer Fabio Lobo. Of course I contacted him and gets his permission. Therefore, the link and the quote are duly authorized by the author.

I learned my lesson from this episode. I learned that I must respect the copyright in the same way I wish my texts are also respected.

Ah yes ... recently received a nice response from Martin. He accepted my apologies and allowed me to use the image in question. In addition, informed me that beyond that image, there are many other images on your site that are provided by the same license to use that I use (Creative Commons).

Now, with everything in order (at least from now on), I can proceed for a peaceful way ...

Weg auf dem Lindenberggrat

And this time, legally.

I’d like thanks to Martin Liebermann and Fabio Lobo to help me understand this issue.

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